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Schiller’s Water Bikes Brings Cycling To The Water!!!

It may sound obvious, but water biking does bring a version of cycling into the water sports community. In fact, cycling on the water was the main inspiration behind biking enthusiasts Judah Schiller’s creation of the Schiller Water Bike. Initially, a joke between friends is now a reality and gaining popularity as people really do love to bike across the water. Professional athletes now race schiller water bikes in exotic locations such as Morroco with the Rivera Water Bike Challenge making water biking a competitive water sport. This, therefore, adds to the water sports community by adding cycling as a new addition to the mix of varied and unique water sports for athletes to compete in.

Schiller Water Bikes Bring Convenience To The Water Sports Community!!!

It’s well known that water sports equipment can be a burden to store and transport. Kayaks, paddle boards, and even surfboards can take up a lot of space in your garage, shed, or where ever you store your gear. If you don’t have access to sufficient storage space that can prevent you from participating in a water sport. Luckily the Schiller water bike was designed with this flaw of water sports in mind. The pontoons and front deck are inflatable and the rest of the bike is detachable which allows for the would-be cumbersome parts of the bike to be stored in a bag alongside the bike frame. Making it so that the schiller water bike is easy to store even in living spaces such as an apartment. You can even transport the water bike easier than you could with other water sports equipment as you can fit the water bike in most cars without the need for a trailer or roof rack. Therefore the water bike brings a new convenient tool for the water sports community to enjoy.

There Easy To Use !!!

With most water sports there’s a bit of a learning curve most equipment can be hard to use at first and take a while to master, surfboards take time to develop the skills such as how to balance to effectively ride, and sailing takes time to develop knowledge and experience on how to sail a boat. The Schiller Water Bike takes a skill that most people learnt as a kid and implements it onto the water. Anyone who already knows how to ride a bike already has the skill and knowledge to ride a water bike. In some ways, water biking is even easier than normal biking as you don’t have to worry about balance like you would on a normal bike. The bikes are also designed to easily be set up in 10 minutes with simple instructions to follow you’ll be able to assemble the bike by yourself with no issue. Allowing you to be able to enjoy a water bike ride from the get-go.

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