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Auckland is a beautiful city to ride a Water Bike in with over 80 beaches and over 30 lakes, there are so many options that it’s hard to choose the perfect place for a Water Bike ride. Therefore with so many different options, we’ve decided to list the top spots in Auckland (in no particular order) you should visit with a Water Bike.

1. Takapuna Beach

Takapuna Beach is a beautiful calm sandy beach located in the heart of the North Shore of Auckland. It has a spectacular view of Rangitoto Island as well as lush green trees that line the beach reserve, and an urban backdrop of the Takapuna town centre including the Sentinel Apartments building. We have frequented Takapuna Beach on multiple occasions with our water bikes and have never been disappointed.

2. Mission Bay Beach

Mission Bay Beach located minutes away from Auckland’s CBD is the centrepiece of this charming waterfront suburb. It has a stunning view of Rangitoto Island along with being one of the most idyllic beaches in Auckland. There are plenty of activities to do alongside water biking, you could even consider racing a paddleboarder. With a visit to Mission Bay Beach, you won’t be disappointed.

3. Lake Pupuke

Lake Pupuke is located just around the corner from Takapuna Beach, shaped like a heart (according to some people) Lake Pupuke is a stunning location for a water bike ride. This freshwater lake occupies a volcanic crater with a circumference of 4.5 km leaving plenty of room for you to cycle about. Lake Pupuke is a popular location for rowing and sailing, as well as featuring a healthy population of Black Swans so make sure you stay aware of your surrounding.

4. Big Manly Beach

Big Manly Beach is a gorgeous spot located on the Whangaparaoa Penisula. It features a long sandy beach that is sheltered from the wind with a shoreline that extends for approximately 1 kilometre with very few rocks to impede on your cruise. That’s a decent amount of flat water to cycle across, you can also cycle past the rugged cliff edges towards Tindalls Bay and further if you’d like.

5. Lake Wainamu

Lake Wainamu is a hidden gem in Auckland, located in Waitakere Ranges and is one of the few spots on the west coast that is perfect for a water bike ride. With its stunning black sand dunes, lush fauna, and a homely little jetty you are definitely in for a scenic ride if you choose to visit Lake Wainamu. Very Few Aucklanders have visited this lake let alone gone for a Water Bike cruise, you could be one of the first to do so!!!

6. Orewa Beach

On a calm day, Orewa is a magical spot for a water bike ride. This 3 km long beach makes for a great workout for those who are willing to cycle along its shoreline. Sir Edmund Hillary was known to spend his holidays here, so if your looking for an adventure this might be the spot for you. Even if you’re just looking for a scenic ride Orewa Beach is a gorgeous low-key beach that will not disappoint.

7. Browns Bay Beach

Browns Bay Beach located on Auckland’s North Shore is a brilliant urban beach flanked between two coastal cliff faces. It features a wide sandy beach with calm sheltered water. You are even able to cruise along to neighbouring beaches such as Rothesay Bay where you might even spot abandoned WW2 structures if you keep your eyes peeled.

8. Devonport Beach

Devonport Beach is located on the southern end of the North Shore across the Waitemata Harbour from Auckland’s CBD. Devonport Beach offers water bikers a fantastic view of the Sky Tower along with the rest of Auckland’s CBD. You’ll also be able to see a multitude of ferries and boats docking up to the Devonport wharf to carry passengers to and from the CBD. Devonport Beach is certainly an entertaining place to cruise around from.

9. Bayswater Marina

Bayswater Marina is one of the newest marinas in Auckland and makes for a great place to launch a water bike from. Located on the North Shore it offers spectacular views of Auckland’s CBD, The Harbour Bridge, and the Waitemata Harbour itself. The views alone make this a location you won’t soon forget.

10. Long Bay Beach

Long Bay Beach is part of a beautiful reserve located on Auckland’s North Shore. It features stunning views of New Zealand’s Local Green Fauna and is relatively sheltered from any strong winds. Long Bay Beach makes for a relaxing and refreshing experience for anyone who wishes to ride a Water Bike here.

11. Gulf Harbour Marina

Gulf Harbour Marina located on the Whangaparaoa Penisula is a must-visit for Water Bikers. The harbour almost looks like it could belong in Europe with the unique architecture and channels that seep inland amongst the buildings. The Marina acts as a safe haven for many vessels and has incredible views of the Hauraki Gulf. Cruising around the marina on a water bike allows you to fully take in the beauty of this world-class arena.

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