Water Bike

  • Always wear a life jacket while riding the water bike (the “bike”) for your own safety
  • Tell a friend of your water biking trip and expected return time
  • Know your limits – especially when navigating unfamiliar waterways. Check your equipment prior to launch for signs of wear & tear or damage
  • Be aware of the conditions. Do not take the bike out onto the water if there are wind speeds of over 15 knots or waves that are higher than half a meter. We strongly recommend you do not take the bike out to the west coast as the conditions are usually too extreme for the bike
  • Stay within 200 meters of the shore or your boat/yacht. So in the case of an emergency, you’re able to get to safety 
  • Don’t fish off the bike and stay at least 30 meters away from people who are fishing. Also, avoid sharp objects such as barnacles and rocks to avoid accidental puncturing of the pontoons. 
  • Any rider under 13 years of age should be supervised by an adult.
  • Do not exceed a speed of 5 knots which is the cruising speed of the bike, while you are within 50 meters of a swimmer or 200 meters of the shore.
  • When launching the craft, make sure no one is standing directly behind you near the propeller.
  • Do not remove the GPS tracker from the frame as it will be used in any unexpected situations e.g. theft, no return, and/or in case of an emergency situation.
  • Note that any loss or significant damage caused by the hirer will incur a $2,500 excess insurance claim fee.

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