Water Bike

1. You’ll Stay Dry……Mostly!!!

For beach lovers and water sport enthusiasts winter can be a tough few months. It’s too cold to get in the water and enjoy yourself without getting the shivers. Well, the great thing about water biking is you are out of the water. Which can allow you to be on the water at your favourite beaches while wearing as many layers as you’d like to keep warm. There will likely be a bit of splashing and getting your feet wet as you launch but aside from that you stay relatively dry, making Water Biking one of the best sports to participate in during winter.

2. It’s A Better Workout!!!

In cold weather there’s more of a natural tendency than in warm weather to move to keep your self warm. While water biking this translates to the rider pedaling more to keep warm. This therefore results in winter riders burning more calories than summer riders as there constantly moving. So therefore water biking in the winter leads to a better workout than in summer as your just not as motivated to keep moving in the heat. Which is perfect for people trying to keep that winter weight off and build that lean summer body.

3. There’s Less Of A Crowd!!!

Nothing can hamper a water bike ride more than a busy beach full of swimmers and other obstacles. It’s no secret that beaches can busy in the summer time which can cause hasles on all asbects of your beach visits, from finding a good parking space to even being able to enjoy your own personal space at the beach. Luckily this isn’t an issue during the winter as people tend to stay indoors rather than brave a beach day. Which is great for a water bike rider wanting to free range of the water on their ride. So if you’d prefer a beach to your self during a water bike ride then winter is the perfect time go for a water bike cruise.

4. Cold Air Is Good For You!!!

It may not seem like it but being in the cold air can be good for you. Being in the cold can increase the effectiveness of your immune system, its better for your skin, it can boost your brain power, and can even relieve allergies symptoms. If your trying to avoid the winter sickness it’s actually shown that spending more time outside doing physical activities allows you to be less likely to get sick because your not spending increased time inside in close proximity to other people and there germs. So if your looking for a physical activity to do this winter a water bike ride is the perfect activity to prevent yourself from being locked up indoors.

5. It’s A Fun Time!!!

Whether your riding a water bike in the winter or summer its a fun time and makes for a great adventure. Though both seasons have there advantages here’s some extra ones for riding in winter that can make it a more pleasant and fun experience. Your less likely to get sunburnt water biking in winter, with the overcast clouds combined with the presence of more layers on riders means you don’t really have to be concerned about applying sunblock or wearing a hat. Your less likey to overheat, the chilly air has it’s benefits including the ones mentioned before, but some extra benefits include a water bike rider sweating less in winter and having less of a chance of suffering from dehydration. Another benefit is there’s more avalibily over winter, as summer is a peak time for water sports it can be harder to get your hands on a water bike. Wheres in winter renting you can more easily rent a water bike to a time that suits you.

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