Water Bike

1. Waves

Rough surf and waves can be detrimental to a water bike ride, as waves that are too big can cause the water bike to capsize, leading to the rider being injured and/or the water bike being damaged. Calm conditions are optimal for a water bike ride due to the fact that they aren’t designed to be in heavy surf and are therefore not surf crafts. Therefore riders shouldn’t take a water bike in waves that exceed a wave height of 0.5 meters. Riders should also be careful when launching and landing through the surf on a beach by making sure that waves do not hit your sides to avoid capsizing. You can use www.metservice.com to check wave heights at beaches near you.

2. Wind

Strong winds can be detrimental to your water bike ride as strong winds can exhaust and easily push you further than 200 meters from shore and into a dangerous situation. When water biking always be aware of offshore winds as pedalling into the wind to get back to shore can be difficult. Do not ride in offshore winds that exceed in 15 kts (knots) or 27 kph. You can check the wind speeds of NZ beaches on www.metservice.com.

3. Fog

Heavy fog can be detrimental to your water bike ride as it can easily lead to you becoming lost on your water bike ride. If your vision is obscured by fog we recommend that you don’t go for a water bike ride. Along with the risk of becoming lost theirs also a higher risk of collisions with other vessels and it becomes much harder to signal for help if needed.

4. Rain

Heavy rain can be detrimental for a water bike ride as it obscures vision and can also result in the rider experiencing hyperthermia. In general, we do not recommend anyone ride a water bike in heavy rain as heavy rain is usually also an indicator of wind speeds and wave heights that are too high to ride a water bike in safely. You can check if a beach is experiencing rainfall by visiting www.metservice.com.


When going on a water bike ride always make sure your aware of the weather conditions to ensure you have a safe and fun ride. Make sure you let someone know where your going for your ride and how long you’ll be. If your in doubt that the conditions are safe do not go for your water bike ride. Always check surf and wind conditions at www.metservice.com before you embark on your water bike ride.

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