Water Bike

Our mission is to bring a world-class water sports experience to New Zealand by providing an affordable, innovative water activity experience in a safe environment.
We are looking for like-minded business individuals who would like to partner with us in
achieving our adoption goals. If you’d like to partner with NZ Water Bikes, please read below to understand how to become our partners.

Step 1: Initial Inquiry

Initial requirements:

  • Must be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident
  • Must have a passion for water sports
  • Must have a positive attitude toward water safety
  • Preferable experience in sales or customer service in the leisure industry

If you meet these initial requirements and wish to partner with NZ Water Bikes, please read the Rental Partnership Program (“RPP”) summary linked below and then send an inquiry about a partnership to [email protected]

RPP Summary: https://nzwaterbikes.com/nz-water-bikes-rental-partnership-program/

Step 2: Initial Digital Meeting

After receiving your initial inquiry NZ Water Bikes will organise a video call to discuss a potential partnership including going over the RPP Summary together and discussing general details to establish each party’s general expectations for each other.

Step 3: Further Discussion

If the initial digital meeting goes well then NZ Water Bikes will send you the full Rental Partnership Program Document for you to read and understand before the next digital meeting where we will further discuss the partnership in more detail.

Step 4: Initiate Partnership

Once both parties have discussed the partnership in detail and established that both parties will be able to meet each other’s expectations, NZ Water Bikes will initiate the process to officially establish the partnership between NZ Water Bikes and your company.

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