Water Bike

Step 1

Firstly remove all equipment from the bag, then take a quick inventory. Inside the bag, there should be two long inflatable pontoons, 4 metal poles, two running boards, an air pump, and an inflatable front deck with 4 bungee loops. You should also have a bike frame that is carried separately to the bag.

Step 2

The first step in assembling the bike is to insert the 4 metal poles into the frame. Make sure when you insert the poles into the 4 attachment holes on the frame that it’s the longer side of the pole you insert into the frame with the velcro facing upwards. Make sure all 4 poles are clicked into place. 

Step 3

Once you have all four poles inserted into the frame then proceed to insert the other shorter sides of the poles into the attachments on top of the inflatable pontoons. Make sure the inflatable pontoons are on their corresponding sides to the bike and that the air valves are at the back end of the frame. Insert the two poles at the back of the frame before the two at the front making sure that all the poles click into place.

Step 4

The next step is to place the two running boards on top of the metal poles using the velcro on top of the poles and under the boards to make sure the two boards are attached securely.

Step 5

Now you can proceed to start inflating the two pontoons using the air pumps. You can find the Air valves at the back end of the tubes. You will notice that around the air valve it states the max psi is 10. So when you’re inflating the pontoons, look at the gauge on your pump and fill the pontoons with enough air to be just below 10psi around 8psi.

Step 6

To attach the inflatable front deck, first, inflate it to just under 14 psi, then you will notice the 4 bungee loops that you use to attach the inflatable front deck to the waterbike. Two will be larger than the other two bungee loops.

Step 7

Enjoy your ride!!!

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