Water Bike

  • I acknowledge and agree that NZ Water Bikes Ltd. will provide me with access to equipment that I will use at my own risk.
  • I acknowledge that these activities may have inherent danger or risk involved and I acknowledge responsibility for my involvement in these activities. I have inspected all equipment and agree they are fit for purpose.
  • I acknowledge that during all such times whilst participating in the activities both my property and my person shall be at my own risk and I will not hold NZ Water Bikes Ltd. or its agents liable for any personal injury or loss of property whatsoever and I agree to indemnify and keep indemnified NZ Water Bikes Ltd., and its agents against all such injury or loss.
  • I acknowledge and agree NZ Water Bikes Ltd. has the right to refuse hire for not executing this document or other required documentation correctly.
  • I acknowledge that any rider under 13 years of age must be supervised by an adult.
  • I agree to avoid sharp objects that may puncture the pontoons e.g. Rocks / Barnacles / Wharfs / Fishing Hooks. I agree not to use the bike as a fishing platform and stay away from people fishing at a minimum of 30 meters.
  • I acknowledge and agree not to use the equipment while influenced by alcohol or drugs.
  • I acknowledge and agree that any loss or significant damage caused by the hirer will incur a $2,500 excess insurance claim fee.
  • I agree that the bike’s location will be tracked through a GPS tracker to protect the bike from any theft/no returns and/or in the case of an emergency situation.
  • I acknowledge that I have been made aware that NZ Water Bikes’ Safety Management System (SMS) is available on its website for me to download and read.
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